Let us capture your special day


Some people decide not to go for a wedding video, preferring instead the beautiful stills that adorn walls forever, reminding you of such a happy milestone in life, but we think that moving images capture an extra dimension of your day. 

Having recently pulled out my parents’ wedding video from 33 years ago, another special family occasion was created – we lived a day we hadn’t originally been part of, or were too little to remember.

Grandparents fit and alive, singing, dancing, chatting and laughing; the animation in people’s faces - little glances, winks and dance-moves; we heard younger voices, our older cousins became little babies, we saw so many family resemblances, and couldn’t get over the beauty of our mother.

That wasn’t even in HD and it was still magical. 

Get a wedding video.  You won’t regret it.


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