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Terms and Conditions

  • Definition of ‘Client/s’ – The Person/s whose signature/s appear on this contract shall be the Client/s for this contract, shall be the person/s to whom Northern Lights Film (The Studio) delivers its services and products, and shall be financially responsible for payments to be made under this contract.  This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties, and any modifications to it must be in writing and signed by Northern Lights Film and by the Client/s.
  • Retainer Fee - The Retainer Fee secures the time and services of the videographer for the wedding and is none transferable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the photographer due to cancellation. Cancellation less than 12 weeks before the wedding will result in payment in full. All cancellations must be in writing. Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the fee as long as the videographer can re-schedule for the new time and date.
  • Payments - Following the payment of the booking fee, the balance to be paid by the day of the wedding. No videography services will be delivered until all payments have been received. 
  • Exclusive Videographer - It is agreed that the Studio will be the exclusive commercial videographer providing video for or at this event. Others may record video as long as they do not interfere with the duties of the Studio. The Studio will not be responsible for time or footage missed as a result of such interference.  
  • Force Majeuer or Act of God - The due performance of this contract is subject to cancellation by either party owing to any cause beyond their control.
  • Attendance - In the unlikely event of the videographer being unable to attend your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to appoint another videographer to attend your wedding on our behalf to undertake the wedding filming to his / her best ability.
  • Limitation of Liability - The Studio takes the utmost care with respect to the exposure, editing and production of all our products and services offered. Every effort will be made to assure satisfaction according to the Studio’s professional standards. However, the Studio is not responsible for subjective interpretations of videography. Weddings are dynamic and fast moving. The Studio cannot guarantee that any specific shot will be captured. In the event the Studio cannot comply with the terms of this contract due to negligence, oversight, accident, error, omission, any other avoidable or unavoidable circumstance, whether caused by the Studio or otherwise, the Studio’s liability for this or any other circumstance shall be limited to the amount paid up to that time by the Client. The Studio does not guarantee to capture any particular image(s) or meet any particular aesthetic criteria as part of its performance under this contract. The Studio will not be held liable for any incident arising from the interference of any present party, at any filming location, that may affect quality of images or results in damage to any party. In addition, failure by the Client to make any payment as and when agreed shall release the Studio from any further responsibility under this contract, without the responsibility to return any monies previously paid to it under this contract.
  • Digital Files - digital files remain the property of the videographer, and will be retained for a minimum of 12 months from the date of the event.    
  • The editor of your wedding film shall be granted complete artistic licence in relation to the final edit. While any requests sent to The Studio in writing before the edit begins will be taken into consideration, it may not always be possible to comply with such requests. Once the edit is completed, any changes thereafter which are requested by the client purely for aesthetic reasons will be charged at an hourly rate, plus any miscellaneous costs.
  • Any failure by the studio to enforce any or all of these conditions shall not be interpreted to be a waiver of our rights. By contracting with the studio for an event you are agreeing to these conditions.
  • By entering into this agreement, the client grants the studio permission to use images and audio from the recording for promotional, advertising, and demonstration purposes.